Why I’m not getting a flu shot

My office gives free flu shots each year, and encourages all employees to get one. The last two years, I got one. This year I have decided not to.

My paleo journey has caused me to think more critically about a lot of things, including conventional medical wisdom. I did some research this year when my company sent out the annual flu shot email. There are some strong opinions around vaccinations, both pro and con. Generally I think I fall in the pro category, but not for the flu.

Based on the research I read, the flu shot will at best reduce my risk from 4% to 1%. Given the lack of long term studies about the side effects of the flu shot (especially since the strains vary each year), I have decided it is not worth it for me.

Here is the most complete summary of the facts that I could find, courtesy of Chris Kresser: http://chriskresser.com/the-truth-about-flu-shots-and-what-to-do-instead

Do your research and make your own choice – but be sure it’s a proactive choice instead of just your default action.

Added information (edited 9/30/13):
In response to this criticism of Chris Kresser’s post that I linked to above, I also wanted to share that I reviewed this Cochrane Library Review of all the studies as well when I was making my decision.


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